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Legal Forms

Note: We do not provide any forms from Multifamily NW as they have officially ceased all paper versions of their forms. You can find any of Multifamily NW forms on their website.

We are a recognized distributor of a vast selection of essential legal forms from Stevens-Ness Law Publishing Co. Our commitment to providing you with the utmost convenience and peace of mind is reflected in our extensive catalog, which includes the following legal forms, all available in traditional paper format:

This website and our staff are not permitted to provide legal advice, including which form to select or if it's the appropriate one for your situation. (more information here)

Only the forms provided below are available through us. The forms are only for the state of Oregon.


  • 35 Bill of Sales for Auto
  • 535 Pet and Aid Animal Addendum
  • 538 Landlords Termination for Cause
  • 633 Warranty Deed

  • 721 Deed/Quit Claim

  • 723 Deed/Bargain & Sale

  • 812 Commercial Lease
  • 818abcd Rental Agreement
  • 853 General Power of Attorney

  • 881 Trust Deed

  • 1089ABC Owners Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement Set, Pages 1, 2, and 3

  • 1118 Owners Sales Agreement & Earnest Money Receipt

  • 1167 Rental Application
  • 1241 Advanced Directive

  • 1264 Rent Increase
  • 1265 72 hr. Notice of nonpayment
  • 1267ab Landlords Termination without Stated Cause
  • 1336 Transfer on Death Deed

  • 1503 Will Kit

  • Garnishment Set (529, 530, 1128, 1140)